Commercial, corporate, and contract law

We can advise you on the establishment and configuration of a company and can provide support throughout its existence, including all necessary corporate changes, financing, and relations with business partners. We can also oversee the termination of operations and liquidation of the company. We know how to set up and optimize nonprofit entities such as trust funds, associations, and institutions.

We’ll gladly propose the form and configuration of the new company based on its purpose and the client’s wishes, including special types of shares, stock, and the issue of participation certificates. We can adjust shareholder relations by means of a shareholder agreement to ensure they work well and are easily enforceable.

We represent shareholders and companies during participation in general meetings or their organization. We prepare complete corporate documentation in the event of changes to the ownership structure, during transformations, in the issuance of shares, and in changes to the composition of statutory bodies and setting of member remuneration. We execute changes to registered capital and other financing on the part of shareholders.

We also specialize in representing clients during litigation between the company, shareholders, and members of statutory bodies.

We prepare, revise, and conclude various business contracts based on client interests (distribution, framework and management contracts, franchises, commercial agency agreements, contracts for work or the provision of services, etc.) and can also conduct negotiations in English or with foreign entities.

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