Litigation, arbitration, execution, and insolvency

Our primary recommendation is to pursue out-of-court resolutions. In the event that conciliation fails to achieve the intended objectives, you can put your full trust in our legal representation. We have successfully represented both domestic and foreign clients in thousands of litigations and arbitrations involving tens of billions of Czech crowns. During the subsequent execution of decisions, we cooperate closely with experienced distrainors. In the area of insolvencies, we provide comprehensive legal consultancy and representation in bodies of creditors as well as during preliminary proceedings.


In all the areas of law that we specialize in, we offer comprehensive legal representation to exercise and protect your rights in judicial proceedings and arbitrations as well as in distraint, insolvency, and administrative proceedings. We always take a proactive approach to cases and lay down a processual strategy with potential alternative developments while taking into consideration the financial burden to the client. Where possible, we also negotiate and prepare agreements for out-of-court dispute resolution. Success in litigation is dependent not only on an expert knowledge of procedural law but also on a deep understanding of the substantive law at the core of the given proceedings as well as on the ability of the attorney to quickly, flexibly, and convincingly react by standing up for the client and fighting.

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