Mergers, acquisitions, structuring, and financing

We have extensive experience in the comprehensive handling of transactions in various industries, both within the Czech Republic and beyond its borders. We deliver professional services from the beginning of the transaction to finalization and settlement of the case.


We oversee the comprehensive preparation of company transformations, not only of mergers but of other types of transformations such as division, transfer of assets to an associate, transformation of the legal form of the company, and relocation of place of business. We have extensive experience with cross-border transformations.


We evaluate the overall aim of a transaction and propose the most suitable structure and type of acquisition (share deal, asset deal, enterprise acquisition, transformation, or even a favourable combination). We can devise suitable holding structures and set up functional intragroup relations. In executing a transaction, we address all aspects, including internal audits and evaluation of potential risks. Based on the results, we prepare and conclude contractual documentation, taking into account the specific findings and case. We pride ourselves in our effective and individual approach and respect for the wishes of the client.


We assist in determining the appropriate type of funding (credit, loan, additional payments beyond registered capital). In more complicated cases, we also have experience with extensive bank funding and syndicated loans, including preparation and the securement of collateral.


We also specialize in newly established companies and startups and provide our legal services both to founders and investors, not only at founding but also in the optimization of relations between the founders and investors throughout the existence of the company.

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