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We provide our clients with specific and intelligible answers. Our expertise includes unique knowledge in the fields of law, life sciences and tax, and we have a deep understanding of our clients’ business activities. This approach enables us to anticipate a client’s needs, assist with development, and identify potential problems in time.

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Data Protection and GDPR

Commercial, corporate, and contract law

Mergers, acquisitions, structuring, and financing

Litigation, arbitration, execution, and insolvency

Personal affairs and family law

Real estate and construction law

Labour and Employment law

Intellectual property

Criminal law and misdemeanors

Regulated sectors, economic competition, and administrative law

Pricing and reimbursement

Contract agenda, configuration of distribution and customer relations, dispute resolution

Medical devices

Advertising regulation and ethics regulation


Clinical studies

“In-house” consulting

Workshops and business breakfasts, newsletter

Income tax for natural and legal persons

Value added tax (VAT)

Bookkeeping and accounting consultancy

Consultancy during restructuring

Payroll services

We provide legal services in a wide range of areas with emphasis on business matters. Here, you’ll find more information on the particular services we most commonly provide to our clients.

We will propose specific measures to increase the security of personal data to ensure they comply with the legislative requirements while allowing you to utilize ...

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We can advise you on the establishment and configuration of a company and can provide support throughout its existence, including all necessary corporate changes, ...

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We have extensive experience in the comprehensive handling of transactions in various industries, both within the Czech Republic and beyond its borders. We deliver ...

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Our primary recommendation is to pursue out-of-court resolutions. In the event that conciliation fails to achieve the intended objectives, you can put your full ...

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We provide comprehensive services in the handling of all personal and property affairs. We help our clients protect their family assets and organize personal ...

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Whether you’re arranging housing for your family, looking for a new flat or apartment building, or preparing to build premises for your commercial enterprise, our ...

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We have extensive expertise in a full spectrum of Labour and Employment law topics. We offer one-off as well as long-term legal counselling, including legal ...

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We can strengthen your brand by means of a trademark. We’ll secure its registration in the Czech Republic, the European Union, and other parts of the world. ...

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We provide comprehensive criminal law consultancy not only for management and statutory corporate representatives, who are most exposed to liability and other ...

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Do you do business in a regulated sector and need help and advice? We have broad experience across industries where it is necessary to have a complex understanding ...

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We provide complex legal services in the field of healthcare, particularly those related to medicinal products, medical devices, food supplements, and cosmetics as well as legal services in the area of healthcare reimbursement and relationships between healthcare facilities, health insurance companies, and patients. We build on the successful long-standing practice of JUDr. Jana Marečková – A/K/M, special counsel, life sciences expert.

Complex legal representation in administrative and related court proceedings. Assistance for clients in negotiations with health insurance companies. Analysis of ...

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Configuration of contract relations in the area of drug sales support (and other healthcare products), configuration of distribution, including review of matters ...

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Agenda related to notification of medical devices and inclusion in the reimbursement system. Client representation before the State Institute for Drug Control ...

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Assessment of promotional material for medicinal products and food supplements. Representation in administrative proceedings initiated for breach of the Advertising ...

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Overall assessment of the potential dominant position of the client’s entire portfolio and its impact on the configuration of distribution and product sales ...

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Consultation and preparation of contracts for clinical studies between sponsors and investigators/healthcare facilities, both for interventional and ...

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Involvement in the in-house legal department by means of secondment. Configuration of internal approval processes. Editing, commenting, and approval of regular ...

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We continue the series of seminars organized by AVO (previously Belca) entitled Pharmaceutical Law in Practice. During 3.5-hour workshops, we examine the most ...

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VAT, CIT, PITR, DTT, PE, FS… Leave the abbreviations and their meanings to us and invest your time in more important work.

We’ll prepare and file tax returns of legal and natural persons on your behalf. We’ll process tax registration/deregistration for you and review tax returns and ...

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We’ll assist you in registering for VAT, primarily in relation to voluntary registration. We’ll process and file the VAT return on your behalf, including a ...

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We provide complete bookkeeping services and can prepare final accounts (year-end close or per client needs). We provide consulting services on accounting ...

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We’ll provide you with an analysis of the transfer of tax rights and obligations during restructuring. We’ll identify the obligation of each participating ...

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We’ll prepare a complete payroll for you, including salary accounting, statutory deductions, processing of payslips and payment orders for all related payments ...

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